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Recycled Cardboard OCC11 grade bail of waste cardboard


Old Corrugated Containers-OCC11

This category of paper waste is used to make cardboard boxes for packaging. 

Under this class of paper,the following qualities are exibited:

Restrictive Materials:Not to surpass 5%

Out tosses: Shouldn't to surpass 5%

Consolidated Out tosses and Restrictive's may not surpass 5%.

Old Corrugated Containers-OCC12

This category of paper waste is used to make new paper products.

Under this class of paper, the following qualities are exhibited:

Box board, offshore corrugated, plastic, and wax have been sorted out.

No Trash or Prohibited Materials

prohibitive out throws plus: no more than 5%

Maximum moisture content: 5%

Three arrow metal recycling symbol over white background


Heavy Melting Steel-HMS1& HMS2

Steel that is recyclable is referred to as heavy melting steel. It is divided into the HMS 1 and HMS 2 primary categories. HMS 1 and HMS 2 are different in that HMS 1 lacks cast iron and galvanised metal, whereas HMS 2 does. Consignments have a high density since both classes mandate a minimum component thickness of at least 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) for HMS 1 and 1/8 inch for HMS 2.

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